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Study in Australia

Why study in Australia?


Australia and Bhutan have always enjoyed a good diplomatic relationship, which is why many of our successful business personalities and Public servants had sought their education in the different city of the amazing and vibrant Australia. It has been recorded that first Bhutanese to study in Australia dates back to 1969, studying higher school diploma at Hale School and Marist Brothers (now Newman College) in Perth. Ever since then, many have gone on to complete or find a greener pasture in the different parts of this huge continent. Cities like Perth have their own Bhutanese Association to help adopt newcomers to the country and likewise many have mushroomed around the other cities. 


Australia is currently the third most popular destination for international students in the English-speaking world, behind the United States and the UK. Many international students choose to study in Australia because of the cultural diversity, friendly natives, and high quality of education. Its qualification is world recognised as the education system is carefully regulated by the Australian authorities.  Students can choose between universities, vocational education, and English language training. If necessary, it is easy for students to move between one qualification levels and from one institution to another. One of the most appealing aspects of the country for international students is the quality of scientific research. Australia is at the forefront of new technology and innovations. Students who study in Australia can take advantage of the country’s impressive technology and research resources. With more than 1200 institutions providing more than 22000 different courses, we are sure you will find one that suits your career ambitions.


Cost of Education and Living?


Australia offers a wide range of courses and the fees depend on what sort of qualification you will be undertaking however on an average the fees would be AUD$ 25000 to AUD$ 38,000. We have on the basis of our experience and market research provided you with a rough idea of how much it would take to budget your study time below:-


       Accommodation (AUD $)
  • Hostels and Guesthouses - $80 to $135 per week
  • Shared Rental - $70 to $250 per week
  • On campus - $80 to $250 per week
  • Home-stay - $110 to $270 per week
  • Rental - $100 to $400 per week                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Other Living Expenses (AUD$)
  • Groceries and eating out - $80 to $200 per week
  • Gas and electricity - $60 to $100 per week
  • Phone and Internet - $20 to $50 per week
  • Public transport - $10 to $50 per week
  • Car (after purchase) - $150 to $250 per week
  • Entertainment - $50 to $100 per week


       The minimum cost of living:
  • Average Total - AUD$18,610 /-per annum



 This should be taken only as a guide. It all depends on however one's preferences and the city chosen. As computed on June 2018.



Visa processes?


The visa process for Australia is very straightforward if we can submit the right documents in the format the High Commission have stated. In the past Bhutanese would have to apply for a visa from India, this is no more required after the opening of VFS-Bhutan which deals with all visas. Although it is important to note that decisions are still made in Delhi, which would consume some time. We normally advise students for 4-6 weeks of visa processing time depending upon how straightforward is your application. We will, however, be providing you with all the bits of advice and guidance during the visa application.

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