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Taj- India

Why study in India?


Over the past centuries, India has topped the destination for further studies for Bhutanese students. The education system that India offers is similar to that we have at home. Its an English speaking nation which is near to home so it has always been an attractive destination. India offers wide range of courses throughout the country. South India is known for IT where as North is know for Management courses, althought it cant be generalized. From Bhutan there are direct flights to Delhi, Kolkata and few flights to Mumbai. India can also be travelled on land- either by bus or train.


Cost of Education and Living?


India is relatively cheaper as compared to other destination for Bhutanese. The school fees differ between private owned institutions and government owned institutions. It can be anywhere around Rs2lakhs to upto Rs10 lakhs depending on the course the student chooses. The house rents can be Rs10000-Rs50000 for a three bedroom flats.



Visa Process


Visa for Bhutanese passport holders or National Citizen ID card are exempted from visa to travel to India.

Want to know more

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