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Choosing a right course in the right university and more so in the destination that suits the most can be a daunting task for both the students and the parents. It is the most important phase of one’s life that define their career. We at Universal Education Consultancy try to make it a smooth transition as possible so both the student and parents can have a peace of mind.  Students using Universal Education Consultancy’s Admission service will receive a comprehensive package of advice and assistance tailored to their particular needs and requirements.


Step 1: Counselling


We will provide one to one counselling service to understand the need of the student. It is very important to take into consideration your field of strength and mapping it to your career goal, most importantly considering your financial limits. We will provide you with latest market information which will be useful for you to make the decision.


Step 2: Profiling


In order to ensure you get the best advice with regards to the course, university and country, we use an advanced tool to profile all our students. We take into consideration parameters like budget constraints, academic portfolios, and individual language skills among others. Our accurate profiling method helps us identify and suggest to students the most appropriate overseas study options which may match their personal profile and requirements. Based on your academic qualifications, career goals, financial status and work experience, we will help you choose the right course that addresses your aspirations and goals.


Step 3: Country and University selection


Overseas education does not come cheap, which means you have to make an informed choice based on your goals and interest. There are more than 300 Universities and a few thousand colleges in these 6 countries (US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and India). It may not be exactly an easy task to choose from such a wide range of options. Similarly, we should also take into consideration as to how student-friendly is the country’s government. The option of employment whilst you work, after studies career and many others, are to be considered before one embarks into this new horizon. As most of our counsellors and directors have lived and studied in these countries they are in the best position to give you accurate information pertaining to your requirements.


Step 4: Admission Process



Different universities in various countries have their own eligibility criteria. We assist in complying all necessary documents to apply with universities and work with almost certainty that the student gets accepted. We help the student with preparing references, checking the personal statements, getting the documents notarized, updating the CV, authenticating all the original documents from Royal Court of Justice etc. This may sound very tedious but we try and make it as simple as possible.   Whilst students are responsible for drafting and collating these documents, it is important that our editors review the work to help improve upon the content, grammar, tone and structure. This will ensure that the profile presented to the chosen institutions is professional and projects all that they need to know about the student in the best possible manner.


Step 5: IELTS registration



IELTS is only English testing service that we have in Bhutan and luckily most universities accept IELTS as credible English testing tools. In Bhutan, its conducted twice a month by Royal Institute of Management and it becomes very competitive to register a place. We assist our students in booking a place with the IELTS testing centre so that most of them complete it on time. We also assist with documentation of IELTS registration.


Step 6: Application review and submission


After all the conditions have been met, we compile the file and submit it to the chosen institution. Before submitting, we sit with the student and make sure all the documents and application form is rechecked as it is very crucial we don’t get any mistake. The Universal Education team will make sure all are submitted in order so we are not delayed in issuing an acceptance letter from the university.


Step 7: Interview Preparation


With years of experience in preparing the candidates for the academic interview, we give the student guidance and training to successfully pass the university admission interview. The interview preparation sessions are conducted by us before the student face the universities and we have vast experience in interview techniques and are well versed with the nature and scope of questions that universities usually ask their prospective students.


Step 8: Scholarship assistance


Various universities and colleges provide a certain part of fees waiver programmes for students based on their academic qualification. We make sure to provide the best fees possible for our students so they don’t have to exceed their budget.


Step 9: Visa processing


It is common knowledge that without a valid visa, it is impossible to study in any university abroad. For most students without proper guidance, visa becomes a major roadblock in their career journey. We will provide a complete scratch-to-end assistance to help you file and obtain your Visa successfully. We have many years of experience regarding the Visa and immigration procedures and we try our best to keep ourselves up-to-date with all the changes in visa regulations and procedure. You are in safe hands with our commendable Success rate of 98% in the past 5 years.

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