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Updated: Aug 14, 2018

As a responsible service provider in Bhutan, we had raised a below concern to the editor of national newspaper "KUENSEL"

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Dear Sir/Madam

I am very concern with the way foreign universities and colleges are allowed to promote directly through different media houses. Just today I saw one of the Universities promoting itself to the Bhutanese student market. I wonder if the media houses are requesting any documents before the advertisement are made public. Some universities promoting itself with 50%-70% scholarship for all Bhutanese student in itself rings an alarm bell (something which is too good to be true). The student market is very young and most would be easily lured with massive discounted courses and other sales techniques for later to realised the college is neither accredited nor accepted in home domicile country. 

There can be many ways it can be regulated and ensure no wrong information are passed on to our young audience:-

1) All foreign universities and colleges to be approved by Department of Adult and Higher Education before floating into the different media houses.

2) All foreign universities to either have local office or a partnership with any of the education consultancies to ensure check and balance

3) Foreign Universities and colleges to be allowed to promote only through approved education fairs.

The young Bhutanese students need protection and I think that’s the very least that we should be working on to ensure better productive citizen.

Thank you


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