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United Kingdom 

Tower Bridge- Bhutanese student

Why study in UK?


The UK is home to 442,000 international higher education students each year and many Bhutanese student studies currently too. As per the Times Higher Education World Ranking UK have 3 universities out of 10 and 7 in top 50. With its fascinating history and castles, it is indeed a beautiful country to study. The UK has a global reputation for quality assured education. All universities and colleges in the UK are held to strict standards by the UK government so you know you are getting the best teaching, support and resources available. The UK government publishes lists of officially recognised universities and colleges so you can be sure that the one you choose has passed all the tests for quality assurance. 


Cost of Education and Living?


nternational undergraduate tuition fees vary considerably, starting at around £10,000 (~US$14,130) and going up to £38,000 (~US$53,700) or more for medical degrees. At all levels, humanities and social sciences degrees tend to cost the least, while laboratory and clinical degree programs are markedly more expensive, but when you combine these fees with the average cost of living in the UK, around £12,200 (~US$16,950) per year, then it can be hard to see how it’s possible to study in the UK without it costing you a small fortune. The total average cost of studying in the UK is estimated to be at least £22,200 (~US$31,380) per year, with studying in London likely to be significantly more expensive.

While these costs may be daunting, remember that most UK universities offer shorter programs compared to countries such as the US (three years for the average undergraduate degree instead of four, and one year for a master’s degree instead of two), so you may be able to subtract a year's worth of fees and living costs from your total budget. Unlike other countries, you are deemed to pay the health insurance during the time of your visa. Once in UK, students can enjoy the world class medical facilities at no extra cost.



Visa Process


UK visa for students are called Tier 4 and it has the most simple visa process. The students are issued CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance to Study) by their university. It’s a 16 digit number which you will need when applying for the visa. The students are judged in two fields, one the course that they have applied and past history of education, which is scored at 30 and bank balance, which is scored at 10. In total a student will need 40 points to get their visa approved. In the bank statement, students are normally asked to maintain £11385/- for 28 days in their account.

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