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Value added services


We at Universal Education provide various value added services so that the students have a convenient journey into the foreign land. From pre-departure briefing to tiresome accommodation hunting are well looked after by our dedicated team. There are circumstances where we have flown together with the students to complete their registration with the university.  This makes the student at ease and a task to forget which is often very time-consuming.


  1. Pre- Departure briefing


A very important event conducted by Universal Education before the student flies to their chosen destination. It will cover huge topics are the local laws to procedures for transiting into a smooth life abroad. It is hugely informative and helps students greatly to settle down. A simple task of opening the bank account to finding part time job techniques can be learnt during the event.


   2. Accommodation and  airlines ticket booking


With our dedicated team and experience, we also assist students and their guidance if they choose to accompany for both train and airlines tickets. Finding a home to live in is certainly not an easy task. Therefore, there is no need to go anywhere else but capitalize on our strong network and reach to find you the best accommodation facilities within the outlined budget. It is important that accommodation is found somewhere which is safe and not too far a distance from the university.



Other services that we can provide are advices on foreign exchange, local telecom services and travel insurances.

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